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TARK Racing is a club that offers athletes a professional racing service. We also offer young and older kart enthusiasts the opportunity to try their hand at the steering wheel of the Tabasalu and Käina karts. In addition, TARK Racing deals in a number of areas related to racing, from the sale of karts and card equipment to various consultations.

Racing+ (full) package

Everything necessary for driving is provided by the team. From kart chassis to fast engines, we provide top-notch equipment. We provide a mechanic and take care of tires, fuel, registration, etc. In addition, of course, all the know-how of the coaches and engineers

Racing (team) package

The prevailing way of driving in our team today. Similar to the full package, the driver has all the support and organization from the team. The only difference is that, in cooperation with the team, the competition equipment is purchased and owned

TARK Racing is a professional racing team. We started our activities with the current team in 2013 and have been competing in the Estonian and Baltic championships ever since. 

TARK Racing is an importer and distributor of several top manufacturers. Our selection includes brands such as Birel, Vega, TM, Unipro, Tillet and others.

TARK Racing is a cardio school. We train and train racers so that they can develop their potential. As a racing team, it is extremely important for us that our riders show the best results. If you wish, we can also simply help those who are interested in racing to hone their skills.

TARK Racing manages the karting tracks in Tabasalu and Hiiumaa, which is why we always have good access to the tracks.

TARK Racing organizes (card) competitions. As we manage two karting tracks, we are closely involved in organizing the Estonian and Baltic series.

TARK Racing provides racing consultations. Our team members have a lot of experience and both theoretical and practical knowledge of karting. If necessary, we are ready to help with our advice and strength.

TARK Racing designs kart tracks. The head of the club has organized the renovation of the Aravete, Käina and Tabasalu karting tracks.

TARK Racing can be your good partner in everything the sport requires: from general advice and assistance in purchasing equipment to full-service racing.

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