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TARK Racing is a professional karting team that offers drivers a complete racing service. We are the representatives and resellers of several top karting manufacturers and we also connected to Tabasalu and Käina karting tracks. In this way, we form a whole community that is unique in Estonia.

At the end of 2010, the karting team Kartdagö was established in Hiiumaa, which was the first and so far the only team in Estonia to participate in the CIK-FIA series. After two years of competing both in Estonia and internationally, Kartdagö's area of operation began to expand. Reconstruction of the Tabasalu karting track was started in 2012 with the participation and leadership of the team leader Heikki Hõbemägi. The connection of the karting club with the Tabasalu track kept getting tighter and therefore the logical development was to change the name of the club, Kartdagö with the background of Hiiumaa became more universal and international TARK Racing. Every racer has to be smart and good, otherwise it is difficult to deal with such a demanding area. We will also continue to keep alive the name of Tallinn Car Repair Factory No. 1, TARK for short, which produced the famous and popular Estonian formulas of the Soviet era. The TARK at that time was also a card maker, the leader of today's TARK started his racing journey on the TARK card. So TARK Racing is a great name for a progressive and ambitious racing team!

We have already started 2013 under a new name. The ambition of each club is to strive higher and higher, to race on the European and world karting tracks in the top series, as well as ours.  At the moment, however, we focus primarily on home series, the Estonian and Baltic championships. Focusing on foreign series, which means constantly away from home, makes it very difficult to work with offspring. Undoubtedly, the foreign series also assumes a completely second-order budget, which only a few passengers in Estonia can afford. We move forward evenly and wisely with the club, in addition to the current sports work, we are very serious about strengthening the club's units. The axis of the club's activities now consists of Tallinn, Tabasalu, Saue and Käina.

The goal of TARK Racing is to help young and ambitious riders make the most of their potential. We have coaches with years of experience who know what to do and what not to do and therefore know how to create the best environment for the development of a racer.

The racing team is a team that works towards a common goal. To succeed, passengers need to work closely together and learn from each other's mistakes. TARK Racing creates the preconditions for all this and shows the right direction to the riders. Racers are the most valuable asset of our team. We help passengers get faster and take care of their rights. We helped Martin Rump win back the Rotax Grand Finals.

In a competitive racing world, it is extremely difficult to beat alone. Our team is constantly aware of what is happening in the world of carding; we know what the new trends are, we know how to get the latest out of technology, and we can recommend products with the best value for money.

Being a member of TARK Racing solves many everyday problems for the driver. The team handles all registrations, payments and other paperwork, takes care of the transport, maintenance and everything else of the equipment, and the driver has time to focus on the main thing - racing.


Heikki Hõbemägi
+372 505 0858

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Taavi Lassmann
Chief Mechanic
+372 5698 9594



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Martin Täht

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 11.55.07.png

Mart Pärtel

Kart Aravete EMV VI 2021 (360).JPG

Romet Kors

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Martin Rump


Tarmo Ausing

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Rain Kaljuste

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Mattias Rass


Argo Ojamäe

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Marti Planken

EMV VI Aravete 2021 (420).JPG

Iivo Kiisk

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