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OLAK # 18

Henrietta is a driver who has covered many times fewer kilometers and has driven in fewer races on a kart than her competitors today. Despite this, he has proven himself to be a very fast learner and a talented driver and, despite the above, has managed to rise to the podium competition in the fast and competitive class OK, despite only one previous season in OK-Junior.

Just like many other karting drivers today, Henrietta's karting career started with a hobby kart, and her first competition experience came from the Talendit Rajale hobby kart series, which ended the 2018 season with a stage win and a podium place in the overall standings.

In the coming years, Henrietta's goal is to reach the KZ2 class in order to offer tough competition to Estonia's top drivers.

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7th place
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Henrietta took part in the first full season in the Estonian championships in the OK-Junior class. Despite the significantly greater driving experience of her competitors, Henrietta was able to stay competitive from the very first stage, and her best result, 4th place, came in the last stage.


18th place
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Henrietta participated in two stages of the Estonian championships in class Mini, where she managed to achieve 11th and 8th place. Although Henrietta rolled from the finish line of the Lange stage, driven in pouring rain, in the second kart stage of her life in 6th place in the competition of 23 competitors, a time penalty imposed for technical reasons dropped her back in the final protocol.


Stage victory and 3rd place in the general standings of the Talendit Rajale children's hobby kart series.

Talents for Raja
3rd place


Henrietta achieved the first podium places in the children's hobby kart series Talendit Rajale and made her debut at the Estonian women's competition in the Micro class. Despite the fact that for the first time at the wheel of a competition kart, only one day of training was possible, the result was 5th place among 10 competitors.


5th place
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Henrietta's first season in class OK. Although she only managed to get on the podium in one stage, Henrietta was clearly in podium contention for most of the stages, but at times lacked the favor of fortune.

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