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Franziska, who was born and lived in Helsinki, became interested in karting at the age of nine, when she was driving indoor tracks as a hobby. Excellent results and a growing desire to win led to the decision to purchase a real one
own kart and participate in various outdoor competitions.

Franziska rode her first races with the support of her father in a tournament called Tiistai Turnaus. This is Kim
With Räikkönen's home track, which technically offers pleasant challenges. It was clearly left after various competitions
notice the fact that Franziska's best results were on rain races and she was considered the only girl in her class
the boys see him as a strong competitor.

This year, Franziska has a professional team with their long-term experience and knowledge as a support team. In the shadow of this information, the reserves of strength have been gathered in order to start riding in the new season with full readiness, concentration and excitement.




To gain experience, Franziska also took part in the Etelä Cup series, competing on five different tracks, all of which offered great development in driving techniques. Most of the free days, the whole family stayed at the track, and vigorous learning continued consistently. In the first year of the competition, there was strong competition, and the stumbling blocks were rather the technical quirks of the machine fleet. Despite the disappointments, no one gave up and the thirst for competition grew.

Franziska also participated in the Keimola Cup series and the Lavinto Cup races. The second year of competition was already in the next class, success and good results were not achieved due to poor driving technique and residence in Estonia. Arriving in her parents' country of birth, Franziska was able to compete only a couple of times, getting to know the tracks was rather meager. Driving in a completely different environment, surrounded by everything new, also did not extinguish the desire to continue driving.



Started karting in Finland at the home track of F1 world champion Kimi Räikkönen. The rides in the rain turned out especially well.


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