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Simon started karting in the early spring of 2020. After a few weeks of practice, he asked his father how old he was when he first went karting. Having received the answer that at the age of 6, Simon announced: "Great, I started at the age of 5, but now I've already finished."

The practice wasn't quite over, though. As dexterity and courage grew, there was a desire to race with others in addition to racing alone. In the 2021 season, Simon made his debut at the Estonian championships in the Cadet class. The best result was 4th place in the last competition in Arave.

Simon's small dream is to climb to the top of the podium and in the long run to reach the fast KZ2 machine class during his racing career.




In the first competition season, Simon learned to consider other drivers, made his first passes and got to know the tracks across Estonia. You had to experience crashes and broken equipment, learn to deal with emotions and be happy with progress.

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