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TARK Racing is a club that offers drivers a professional racing service. We also offer kart enthusiasts of any age the opportunity to try out their skills behind the wheel of a competitive kart on the Tabasalu and Käina kart circuits. TARK Racing is additionally engaged in several fields related to racing: from the sale of karts and kart equipment to various consultations.

Join the team!

TARK Racing offers drivers two packages for participating in the team:

TARK Racing Full Package: everything that is required for racing is provided by the team. We provide drivers with new and up-to-date equipment from kart chassis to fast engines. We also take care of tyres and fuel and expenses on mechanics, participation, licence fees, etc. This is naturally supplemented by support and tips by the team.

TARK Racing Team Package: the driver buys their own equipment (kart and engines) while everything else is provided by the team. We help out with spare parts (so that drivers need not worry about storage space), provide drivers with a mechanic and comprehensively support the development of the drivers. The only difference is that the racing equipment, its acquisition and the related risks are borne by the driver.

Range of activities

TARK Racing is a professional racing team. We have actively competed in the Estonian and Baltic championships since 2013. 

TARK Racing is the importer and reseller for various top-level manufacturers. Our product assortment includes brands such as Birel, Vega, TM, Unipro, Tillet, etc.

TARK Racing is a karting school. We train and teach drivers in order for them to exploit their full potential. As a racing team, it is essential for us that our drivers show the best results. If required, we will also assist racing enthusiasts in refining their skills.

TARK Racing manages the Tabasalu and Hiiumaa kart circuits, which means that the circuits are always available for us.

TARK Racing organises (karting) competitions. As we manage two kart circuits, we are closely related to organising the Estonian and Baltic series.

TARK Racing provides racing-related consultations. Our team members have years of experience and both theoretical and practical knowledge of karting. If required, we are willing to provide all the help we can.

TARK Racing is engaged in designing kart circuits. The Manager of the club has organised the renovation of the Aravete, Käina and Tabasalu kart circuits.

TARK Racing can be your good partner in everything that karting demands: from general consultation and aid in acquiring equipment to comprehensive racing services.

We also provide specific transport services for motorcycle drivers: transporting motorcycles to Italy. If required, drivers are able to catch a ride with the team bus.

Please contact the Manager of the club in case of any questions:

Heikki Hõbemägi
Phone: +372 5050 858
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Tööstuse 48, 10416 Tallinn, Estonia
T. +372 5050 858  E.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.