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Kart racing is the first step on the long road to glory in motorsports where Formula One is considered to be the summit. While the higher tiers also involve a fair deal of politics and other issues in addition to fast speeds, kart racing offers the possibility to simply enjoy racing. Karts give drivers a first-hand experience in a very exciting and detailed racing world.

This is exactly what TARK Racing offers: an opportunity to get acquainted to circuit racing by means of kart racing. Our instructors who have years of racing experience and an even longer training career are anticipating everyone whether it's your first time behind the wheel of a kart or you're already familiar with the basics and want to start refining your skills. They can offer development opportunities for everybody.

What to avoid in the beginning?

Every now and again, we meet people who have gone go-kart racing, developed a fondness for kart racing and, being active and lively persons, have straight away bought a kart from an online store or through contacts acquired in an online forum. However, it later appears that it’s of the wrong size and has numerous other shortcomings. As karts are rather expensive, we advise everyone to keep a calm head in the beginning, think thoroughly before splashing big cash and consult a professional team. Experienced people can recommend the equipment you need.

Why kart racing?

Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Mika Häkkinen, David Coulthard, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikönnen, Lewis Hamilton... The list is endless. All these world-famous drivers started their racing careers behind the wheel of a kart.

Secondly, kart racing is very exciting! Wheel-to-wheel competitions are intense, make drivers accustomed to staying calm in difficult situations and teach them to make rapid and correct decisions. The excitement of being behind the wheel of a kart makes you forget everything else.

Kart racing is often the first step in engineering for young people. The youth nowadays remain a bit distant from the world of engineering as there are simply no such opportunities and needs as in earlier times. Working on the kart yourself and observing the work of the mechanics, however, provides one with the basic and practical knowledge in physics and how objects function. Although a mechanic initially handles the more complex matters, ensuring that the kart is clean during competitions is up to the driver. To achieve good results, the driver must have a hands-on approach and make an effort. Kart racing and the basic experience it provides is a stepping stone into the world of engineering, which will always be beneficial.

Kart racing is one of the most first-hand types of motorsports as there is no compensating equipment (such as suspension) and the driver's skill makes all the difference. Kart racing therefore teaches the correct driving techniques from the ground up. It also teaches the ability to assess risks and handle them quickly and efficiently.

While driving a car might feel like resting rather than training, go-kart racers can experience quite a bit of hand fatigue. Competitive kart drivers must be in excellent physical shape. Long competition days and several races are strenuous: untrained drivers are exhausted already before the final race.

When to begin kart racing?

Marko Asmer, Kevin Korjus and Martin Rump, the best Estonian kart and formula drivers, started kart racing at the ages of 9-10. Nowadays, it is often recommended to start at a younger age; for example, the ages of boys and girls participating in the Cadet Class range from 6-8 years while children can start training with the Bireli B-25X kart already at the age of five. However, we do not recommended rushing into competitions as it does not work in the favour of the development of the child and when they reach adolescence which is the most important phase in terms of sports, they are often already tired of racing. A higher age is never an obstacle in kart racing; drivers have kicked off their successful competitive careers in adolescence and there are plenty of eager middle-aged men whose heart starts beating faster every time they hear the roar of a kart engine.

Go-kart circuits are the most suitable for the first steps, but if you have earlier experience in karting or other types of racing, you may address the club directly. TARK Racing organises individual basic training and holds training days on Tabasalu and Käina kart circuits. Motivation and intention are above all required to begin; skills accumulate in the course of training.

How to proceed?

Prospective drivers of any age are welcome to participate in TARK Racing training. We can offer driving a go-kart or a competitive kart for new starters. Drivers with their own karts and equipment can also come for a drive and ask for advice. When the initial training has been successfully passed and the driver is still interested, we can negotiate more serious cooperation and competing in the Estonian and Baltic series. The level of kart racing in Estonia is high, which means that becoming successful on one's own is rather laborious. TARK Racing is willing to provide comprehensive support to help drivers on their 'journey to the stars'.

Please contact the Manager of the club in case of any questions:

Heikki Hõbemägi
Phone: +372 5050 858
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Tööstuse 48, 10416 Tallinn, Estonia
T. +372 5050 858  E.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.