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TARK Racing is a professional kart racing team that offers drivers a comprehensive racing service. We are representatives and resellers of several top-level manufacturers in the kart racing world and also manage the Tabasalu and Käina kart circuits. This forms a complete 'racing group' that is unique in Estonia.


In the end of 2010, the kart racing team Kartdagö was founded in Hiiumaa, which was the first and up to now the only Estonian team to participate in the CIK-FIA series. After competing for two years in Estonia and on the international level, Kartdagö started expanding its field of activity. With the participation and leadership of Heikki Hõbemägi, the Manager of the team, the reconstruction of the Tabasalu kart circuit commenced in 2012. The connection of the karting club with the Tabasalu circuit became ever more intensive and the logical development was changing the name of the club. Kartdagö with its roots in Hiiumaa became the more universal and international TARK Racing. Every racing driver must be smart and hard-working; participating in such demanding sports is otherwise difficult. We also hold high the memory of the Tallinn Automotive Plant No. 1, abbreviated TARK, which manufactured the well-known and popular Estonia formula cars in the Soviet era. The former TARK was also a kart manufacturer and the Manager of the current TARK started his racing career with a TARK kart. TARK Racing is therefore an excellent name for a progressive and ambitious racing team!

We started the year 2013 under the new name. It is the ambition of every club to endeavour to reach higher levels and race on the kart circuits of Europe and the world and in the top series, and we are no different. However, we are currently focusing on the domestic series: the Estonian and Baltic Championships. Focusing on foreign series and constantly remaining abroad makes working with new talent very difficult. Foreign series also doubtlessly presume a budget of different proportions that only a few drivers in Estonia can afford. We are moving along with the club at a natural and calculated pace. In addition to current work in sports, we are also seriously engaged in strengthening the divisions of the club. The range of the activities of the club now includes Tallinn, Tabasalu, Saue and Käina.

Fighting to win

The objective of TARK Racing is to aid young and ambitious racing drivers in exploiting their potential to the maximum. Our instructors have years of experience and know what must be and what must not be done and are therefore able to create the best possible environment for developing racing drivers.

A racing team is a collective body that works for a joint purpose. In order to be successful, the drivers must be engaged in close cooperation and learn from each other’s mistakes. TARK Racing creates all the prerequisites for this and guides the drivers in the right direction. The drivers are the most precious assets of our team. We help our drivers become faster and look after their rights. For example, we played a significant role in helping Martin Rump reinstate his status as the winner of the Rotax Grand Finals.

In the competitive racing world, striking out on one’s own is extremely difficult. Our team is constantly up to date with everything that happens in the karting world; we know the newest trends, we know how to push the equipment to the maximum and we are able to recommend products with the best price/performance ratio.

Being a member of TARK Racing solves a lot of daily problems for the driver. The team handles all sorts of registrations, fees and other paperwork in addition to taking care of transporting and maintaining the equipment among numerous other aspects. This way, the driver has the time to focus on what's important: racing.




Tööstuse 48, 10416 Tallinn, Estonia
T. +372 5050 858  E.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.